Recently major healthcare changes were announced for this province — changes that will not just impact today or tomorrow, but an entire new generation of our loved ones.

QEII New Generation, formerly referred to as QEII Redevelopment, will reshape and reimagine how health care is delivered at the QEII Health Sciences Centre – Atlantic Canada’s most advanced, specialized centre that sees over one million patient visits each year.

Our government is working on plans to support the necessary infrastructure at the QEII, ensuring the essential space and facilities are available to patients and families, and the over 7,000 physicians and staff who work around the clock to deliver compassionate, advanced care.

This project is enormous and extremely necessary. And we at the QEII Foundation are very excited about the possibilities and changes coming to health care in this province.

We also know this is where philanthropy can play a major role.

Philanthropy is defined as the love of people and where else is that stronger than here at home.

We are planning the largest healthcare fundraising campaign ever in Atlantic Canada. A campaign that will concentrate on transforming care for the new generation of the QEII.

It’s about being future ready. Bringing the best, new generation technology to the QEII for patients; investing in new generation science to solve medical mysteries; and creating the best healthcare environment, right here at home, for the next generation of our loved ones.

“Philanthropy is defined as the love of people and where else is that stronger than here at home.”

We also know our campaign will tackle some of the big issues in health care such as reducing wait times; improving access to care; strengthening recruitment; acquiring world-leading technology and equipment; and investing in research to find innovative solutions to healthcare needs.

The QEII Foundation’s vision is transformed health, transformed lives. That is where our focus will be.

Our campaign will align with the overall QEII New Generation vision, but it will be focused on providing the advancements that take a good health centre, and make it a great, world-renowned health centre. It will create the opportunities to be recognized as world-leading and having the best care available close to home.

This truly is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Our community deserves this. We look forward to working with our partners and most of all, our donor community to create the new generation of the QEII.