At the heart of many major innovations at the QEII Health Sciences Centre are QEII Foundation donors.

The QEII Foundation raises funds for cutting-edge technologyand research initiatives that healthcare teams and their patients rely on. The generosity of our donors is experienced by Atlantic Canadians every day at the QEII, with more than 1.1 million patient visits each year.

Philanthropy plays a key role not only in acquiring the best technology and funding medical research, but also the recruitment and retention of some of the country’s — and often the world’s — best healthcare specialists and teams.

As health care evolves, so does the need to explore and evaluate new technologies and treatments that maximize patient care. Access to innovative technology is critical to attract these healthcare leaders to the QEII — and keep them here. A prime example of this is robot-assisted surgery, as you read in our cover story.

Robot-assisted surgery is a treatment option that’s never been available in Atlantic Canada, until now. The QEII Foundation is on a journey to raise $8.1 million to establish robot-assisted surgery at the QEII for a number of cancer surgeries.

Many physicians who specialize in complex cancer surgeries are now being trained in robotics. Armed with the latest knowledge and skills, they are eager to use them and are attracted to health centres, like the QEII, who have robotic surgery technology.

As a direct result of trialling this technology, four new surgeons have been recruited to the QEII. With specialties across four disciplines — urology, gynecology-oncology, thoracic and ear, nose, throat — the QEII is home to some of the best and brightest healthcare teams in Canada.

Philanthropy is at the heart of advancing health care in our region. When you give to the QEII Foundation, you are supporting patients by helping us acquire innovative technology and fund critical research initiatives, in turn recruiting the best healthcare teams to our region.

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