Nova Scotia has made a major commitment and investment to transform and build a new QEII Health Sciences Centre – an advanced centre that will meet the demands of today and for the next 50 years, impacting the lives of all Atlantic Canadians.


The community leaders on these two pages share a passion for health care. Through their leadership, the QEII Foundation will push the QEII to the next level through philanthropic investment – all in the name of advancing care for Atlantic Canadians.


The QEII Foundation’s We Are campaign – the largest healthcare fundraising campaign ever in Atlantic Canada – will boldly advance care, evolve and improve the patient experience, and tackle some of the greatest challenges in health care. With the QEII Foundation’s vision and support, QEII New Generation will not only be about new buildings but also about next generation technology, advanced equipment, and world-leading research that makes medical miracles possible.   


With sincere gratitude, we thank Sherry, Doug, Don, Michelle and Gordon for their time, volunteerism, inspiration and commitment to advancing care for Atlantic Canadians.


With philanthropy, anything is possible.




Pioneering new treatments that are highly personalized and as unique as the individual receiving it.




“I am a two-time breast cancer survivor. My interest in health care has been with me in a big way since 1991, when I was first diagnosed. Since then, I have learned a great deal about what can be accomplished through philanthropy.


Volunteerism is part of my DNA and I’ve been volunteering with the QEII Foundation since 2004. My husband Doug and I are excited to be a part of the We Are campaign. We’re moved by the innovation we see coming to the region – and with that innovation comes better health outcomes, lower wait times and improved patient experiences.


With my own cancer experience, I love knowing that the QEII is the tertiary care centre for all of Atlantic Canada. With world-class specialists and researchers across many areas of care, the QEII continues to attract top talent from across the country and beyond, giving the QEII the opportunity to truly be a centre of excellence.


Pushing to the forefront of innovation and setting higher standards for how we care for patients and their families means that the greatest QEII will be here for us now and for future generations.


This is our time to define the future of health care at the QEII.”





Challenging norms with surgical innovation that will have a significant impact on patients requiring life-changing surgery.



“Volunteerism runs deep in my family; I believe it’s important to help make a positive impact on people’s lives in our community.


I’ve lost many family members to cancer – and I had cancer in 2013. Some very special doctors at the QEII helped me become cancer free and, in getting to know them, I learned about the need for advanced cancer care. 


Surgical innovation is a game-changer for Nova Scotians. It improves outcomes for patients and helps attract and retain world-class doctors in our local community.


As someone who is here today because of the quality of care at the QEII, I realize we all need to give back to make progress in health care for our children and future generations.”




“The Nova Scotia healthcare system has been a presence in my life for decades – but for a long time, I took it for granted. Then, when three members of my family needed care for serious illnesses in as many years, I recognized and understood the important supports that the QEII Foundation provides. I was inspired to roll up my sleeves.


The surgical innovation campaign is incredibly exciting. When its goal is reached, the benefits to Nova Scotians will transcend age, geography, industry and economics. The QEII will be a world leader in robotic surgery, improving outcomes, decreasing delays and attracting the highest-skilled professionals to its already incredible surgical teams. Transformation is a big promise but we will deliver and everyone will win.”






Transforming mental health care delivery and creating spaces to promote wellness and healing.



“Through my own experience a few years ago, it became clear to me that our physical and mental health are inextricably intertwined.


In the last two years, I think COVID-19 has accelerated creativity and open-mindedness about how mental health care can be delivered in new and amazing ways that result in greater access and better health outcomes.


With leading healthcare professionals at the QEII and across the province – combined with the generosity of donors large and small from within our communities – this campaign has the opportunity to reach a new standard of care for mental health and addictions. We deserve no less.”