While COVID-19, and in particular the omicron variant, continued to present its challenges this past year, the QEII Foundation boldly stepped forward in January 2022 and formally launched our We Are campaign. It will be no small feat. A $100-million campaign — the largest healthcare fundraising campaign in our region — to tackle some of the pressures and needs facing our system.


New, advanced equipment — including world’s firsts, being led by our talented QEII teams. Technology that allows minimally-invasive surgeries, helping patients get home faster and recover with fewer side effects. Patient care support to help with the essentials needed during a healthcare journey. All woven together with research and innovation in the driver’s seat. Our donors have already responded to the call and are impacting care right now throughout the halls and care areas of the QEII.


The stories shared here are just a small glimpse of the impact made possible by QEII Foundation donors in 2021-2022, showcasing philanthropy at its best. As we reflect on the last year, we’re grateful for our healthcare teams, who continue to show extreme perseverance and grit. Never backing down or giving up and pushing through many pandemic-induced pressures. While health care continues to experience its challenges, the stories I hear of team members stepping up and supporting each other to ensure our loved ones are taken care of, are the stories that will stick with me.


If all this can be achieved while learning to live within a pandemic environment, just think what is possible in the years to come.


Dorothy got it right when she said, ‘there is no place like home’ and I am truly grateful to each and every donor who makes health care here at home a priority. You are seen and appreciated, and you make me proud of what this province can achieve, together.



President & CEO, QEII Foundation





$1.2 million committed for more appointment times and increased access.


A total of 28,000 CT, ultrasound and MRI appointments were cancelled in the months after COVID-19 hit the province. Although urgent and semi-urgent appointments including cancer care were not cancelled, the wait times for scheduled scans increased. Donor support allowed appointments to be opened to patients on weekends and until 11 p.m. on weeknights, with as many as 275 patients a week now receiving their diagnostic scans.




$4 million raised for the Stewart E. Allen Hybrid OR


More than 200 donors came together to fund $4 million-worth of best-in-class technology within the QEII’s new Stewart E. Allen Hybrid OR. One of the most technologically advanced operating suites available today, it allows QEII surgical teams to perform diagnostic imaging, minimally-invasive procedures, and complex, open surgeries all in the same room, at the same time. By eliminating the physical divide between the OR and real-time imaging, patients will no longer need to be transferred to different floors for their imaging needs.


The first patient procedures were performed in the QEII’s Stewart E. Allen Hybrid OR in October 2022.




We Are delivering impact through our donors, healthcare teams and community.


With $11.7 million provided to the QEII in 2021-2022, these featured stories highlight some of the advances made possible by QEII Foundation donors this past year.


The QEII Patient Essentials Fund – a first-of-its-kind program developed by the QEII Foundation – is helping ease the financial burden by providing gift cards to patients for urgent, essential needs during their care journey.

$52,240 in gift cards provided to patients for gas, groceries and personal care items.



The Barho Friends organizers worked in collaboration with the Ummah Masjid and Community Centre to improve comfort for patient families.

Three mothers from the Muslim community were inspired to start Barho Friends to honor the Barho family by raising funds to renovate a family room in the QEII’s intermediate care unit (IMCU).

$436,054 raised by community fundraising in 2021-2022.



Since 2018, donors are furthering education for both current and emerging healthcare professionals through the QEII Foundation Diversity in Health Care Bursary, which has supported 97 students on their learning journey in the healthcare system.

$973,987 donated for education support in 2021-2022.



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