2021 marks the 25-year anniversary of the QEII Foundation. While our purpose is not measured by the numbers, facts and figures do help tell the story of collective impact to date. Over those 25 years, our donor community has generously given more than $250 million to transform health care at the QEII Health Sciences Centre. That is an outstanding number that translates to just about every corner of the QEII being touched by philanthropy.


And if the walls of the QEII could talk, the stories they would share. Stories of sheer determination and triumph. Stories of trauma, loss and grief. And moments upon moments of compassion, laughter and tears, and life-changing events. 


This fall also marks our 25th issue of QEII Times. More than 350 unique stories shared to shine a spotlight on the QEII and the many, many areas of care. To acknowledge the medical minds and the brightest stars delivering the best care. To showcase the programs and people who are breaking down barriers, asking “what if” and committing to make health care better. All supported by the advertising business community who help make QEII Times possible with their financial commitment.


These QEII Times stories go beyond the words written on the page. One story reunited two friends who had studied together in Ireland decades ago. A story on a QEII-led research study helped recruit an additional 100 research participants. And a story about the critical role of the QEII’s cardiac perfusion team was later shared with the Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion. This national society awarded the Perfusion Team Award to the QEII stars, acknowledging the achievement of the team toward the betterment of the profession. 


Health care affects us all. And sometimes, the narrative in our community can become quite negative surrounding health care. But there are such wonderful, positive things happening in our hospitals and the people devoting their careers to care for us deserve to be lifted up and celebrated. That’s what QEII Times is all about.


Bringing light to the positive things happening in health care and celebrating the impact philanthropy has on caring for those around us. It’s truly a privilege to tell these stories in QEII Times. 


There has been a lot of change in our province lately, specifically within the healthcare environment. Changes that are coupled with the fact that we are learning to live with COVID-19 and attempting to address the far-reaching impact this disease has had on the healthcare system over the last 18 months.


One area that remains steady and true is philanthropy. And our mission to make health care better. Donors continue to step up to show their support and for that, we are grateful. Our community is tired and we are all doing our best to lead with heart. Remembering that kindness can go a long way.  


Thank you for reading QEII Times and for recognizing and celebrating the good that is all around us.