Health care in our province is changing. These changes are ones that will impact all of us, as Nova Scotia has made a commitment to build a new QEII Health Sciences Centre.


While it might not feel real just yet, the beginning phases of construction have started at the QEII’s Halifax Infirmary campus off of Robie Street. Donors are also already working their magic in the halls of the QEII through our We Are campaign and our bold vision to raise $100 million for a new QEII.


Robotics technology has come to our operating rooms. New cancer scanning technology is detecting even the smallest traces of cancer. E-mental health services can now be accessed from anywhere, by anyone. And gas and grocery cards are in the hands of patients who need help.


All donor-funded, all focused on helping patients.


If you close your eyes and imagine a better hospital, what do you see? We see care delivered with the best technology. In fact, we see world-first technologies developed here by innovative clinicians.


We imagine new procedures that reduce the number of hospital visits. Personalized medicine that delivers no one treatment the same. And a research-driven centre dedicated to finding new breakthroughs that extend lives and cure disease.


As our province builds our future QEII — a new cancer centre, more operating rooms, flexible inpatient spaces designed around the patient, with the perfect balance of natural light and nature-inspired areas to calm and recharge — the QEII Foundation is ready.


We are ready to boldly advance care, evolve and improve the patient experience, and tackle some of the greatest challenges in health care. We’re stepping up to make the greatest QEII possible, for all of us. But we can’t do this alone.


Join us in this movement today. We need you. Whether it’s better mental health supports, new cancer treatments or technology advances, the We Are campaign is the future of health care.


We’re not stopping until we reach $100 million.