We lead with heart. We take integrity to the next level. And we embrace boldness.


These are the values of the QEII Foundation. And they are so much bigger than just words on a page.


They are the promise we make to donors. The commitment we hold to help patients. The guideposts on how we make decisions. And the courage we need to think outside the box and push ourselves.


As we kicked off a new three-year strategic plan in late 2021, we committed to some bold ambitions that would support our vision to transform health and to transform lives. This included our recent launch of We Are, our $100-million campaign to transform health care. To achieve this milestone — the largest healthcare fundraising campaign ever in our region — we know our values are key to success.


We lead with heart. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Healthcare experiences can be scary and unnerving, and may even be true life or death situations. We keep patients and families, and their experiences, in our heart — our organizational heart — every day. And our donors have some of the biggest hearts around.


They give to support the big things — like new operating room technology — and the small things, like bedside chairs to keep a loved one nearby in those vulnerable moments. From patient essentials to help fund special nutritional plans following surgery to the first surgical robot in Atlantic Canada, donors make it happen by leading with their hearts.


We take seriously the trust that donors demonstrate when they ‘invest’ with us. We hold ourselves to an extremely high level of accountability and transparency.


Our integrity never wavers. We do what we say we will do. And our decisions are rooted in the trust we have built with the community.


We know we can’t transform health and lives without bold thinking and ideas. And it usually all begins with someone asking, ‘what if....’. And for every innovative project that challenges the status quo, donors are right there with us, helping to make health care better. Together, we accomplish so much.


The stories you read in QEII Times can all be linked back to our values. Full of heart, accountability, and just the right amount of fearless ambition.


I share our values-driven approach with you as we continue to inspire unparalleled support for health care in Nova Scotia and beyond. I am extremely grateful to the community of donors who continue to support the QEII and for aligning with the values we hold so dear.


There’s always room at the table for more. Join us.