“It takes a village.”

This old adage is still relevant today and it couldn’t be more apparent than in health care. It takes a collective vision to transform health care and, thanks to donors from across Atlantic Canada, the QEII Foundation is able to do just that.

From my neighbourhood to yours, thousands of donors have helped establish the QEII as a centre of excellence. And at the QEII Foundation, changing lives is our measure of success.

The QEII Foundation supports healthcare research by funding programs such as the QEII Foundation Translating Research Into Care (TRIC) grants. These grants bring teams of researchers and administrators together to fuel direct, positive change such as better patient outcomes, reduced wait times and improved access to care. To date, the QEII Foundation has invested $1,271,000 in TRIC grants to advance health care by closing the gap between evidence and current practice.

We also fund new patient care technologies, ensuring QEII healthcare teams are better able to treat patients at the most critical times of their lives. The QEII’s Simulation Bay is one example of this. The new Sim Bay, as it’s known, opened in December 2018, allowing healthcare teams to train and refine their skills through hands-on, real-life scenarios before they perform the same procedures on patients. This $1.8-million project was possible thanks to QEII Foundation donors who recognize the critical importance of advanced medical education.

Hundreds of life-changing and life-saving moments are experienced by Atlantic Canadians every day at the QEII. From the operating room to the research lab, the most advanced care in our region is provided within the walls of the QEII. And while these walls are going to change as we move toward a new generation of the QEII, the passion and commitment of our healthcare teams remains the same.

Before research can find a cure, before technology can save lives, and before a patient’s journey home can begin, we need to come together to support the more than one-million patient visits each year at the QEII.

For families from Clark’s Harbour to St. John’s, Halifax to Tignish and Gaspé, and everywhere in between, the QEII is here for you. With 10 buildings over two sites, the QEII is a vibrant and compassionate community with thousands of people delivering exceptional care, every day.

We can all play a role in saving lives. We invite you to join us and help make patient care at the QEII even stronger.